Yuen Long-Ho Shun Lee

Take Point:高道集運店
district: NT
address: G/F , Ho Shun Lee Shopping Centre, 9, Fung Yau Street South , Yuen Long, NT
Open time: Mon- Fri : 12:00 - 21:00
Sat: 12:00 - 19:00
Sun and Public Holidays : Off

Contact: 54053844
first kg: HKD10
second kg:HKD6
Free warehouse: 2 days (not including the arrival date) , Overdue HKD10 deposit for each working day
paid: No
limit(kg): Single piece 30kg or less (total weight within 100kg);
Side length cannot exceed 180cm
remarks: 20KG or above, need to pick up on the day of arrival , Otherwise, each working day charge HK$20 storage fee
貨物(滿25kgs或以上)(同一客戶號碼貨件合併亦計算)如當天17:00或之前通知, 需即日取走, 否則翌日開始需每一個工作天每票收取$20元存倉費, 如一個月內未能領取, 將當作棄件處理
map: map link