TKW(Wing Yiu Street)

Take Point:KIX 自提點
district: KLN
address: 1 Wing Yiu Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon (Nearby Sheung Heung road)
Open time: Mon-Sat:11:30-20:00
Sunday and public holiday: off
Contact: 93245969
first kg: HKD10
second kg:HKD6
Free warehouse: 2 days (not including the arrival date) , Overdue HKD10 deposit for each working day
paid: No
limit(kg): 單件長度1800cm或以下
單件30Kg或以下 (總重量100 kg以內)
remarks: 貨物滿(20kg), 需即日取走否則翌日開始需每天每件收取HK$10存倉費
map: map link