Overweight/Oversize parcel Service

  Self-Pick (1KG) Delivery (1KG)
101 – 200kg HKD5.0 HKD5.5
201 – 300kg HKD4.8 HKD5.0
301 – 400kg HKD4.5 HKD4.5
401 – 500kg HKD4.0 HKD4.0
501 above HKD3.7 HKD3.5
  • Self-pickup is limited only to (Yuen Long-Kung Um Road)
  • Single goods length over 199cm, surcharge of HKD180  will be added. (*Delivery Service)
  • Single goods heavier than 29.9kg, surcharge of HKD180 will be added. (*Delivery Service)
  • If the length of a single piece exceeds 219cm in length or exceeds 49.9kg in weight, please contact customer service for a separate quotation.
  • Customers are required to make their own judgment as to whether the cargo is suitable for handling and access to the lift.
  • If the delivery address needs to be handled by stairs, please contact our customer service for the collection fee before the shipment, otherwise the delivery staff will only sign the guest on the ground.
  • The actual weight and volume of the goods will be heavy (for details, please refer to the Frequently Asked Question point 15), whichever is the heaviest for billing weight, used to calculate shipping costs.    Length x Width x Height (cm) ÷ 6,000 = Volume Weight (kg)
  • Customers have the obligation to explain before delivery or contact customer service for the address of delivery need to be transported to the stairs service,
    If the customer did not specify the delivery address provided by the elevator, the logistics company will notify the customer to collect the goods on the ground;
    For those who do not have a lift or lift at the recipient’s address or where the lift is located on the first floor, handling charges and restrictions apply:
    Weight limit: the actual weight of a single piece of cargo within 10kg, the total number of pieces or the total actual weight within 50kg. Size limits: long + wide + high ≦ 120cm, unilateral length within 60cm.
    Charges: Within the above restrictions, additional shipping charges of HK $ 30 per piece for each floor will be required. If the place of transport is not a staircase between floors, for example, a staircase in front of / on a building, A layer of units of calculation or 8 steps will be count as 1 floor.