GNS services

“What is consolidation?
Consolidation is the process in which several individual orders and packages are combined or “grouped” into a single shipment for delivery. After the packages are received by our transfer center, the two packages will be put together to be treated as a single shipment.


What are the benefits of consolidated shipping?
Consolidation of multiple purchase is a third-party logistics service which helps you save money. Compared to direct delivery, parcels from different sellers are collected at a transfer warehouse then merged into a single piece of parcel for home delivery. As a result, the handling charge which is usually the most costly part is only applied once and the cost of transport is greatly reduced.


Why choose Group N Ship?
Group N Ship provides a online automated system that customers can access using most smarts phones and tablets. The system is easy to use so customers can best enjoy he fun of online shopping.
Regardless if it’s delivery or self-pickup, Group N Ship provides the fastest delivery. With pick-up centers scattered through Hong Kong and flexible shipment size and weight storage, we try our best to accommodate for the different needs of our customers. Lastly, members of our rewards program can obtain further savings! ”