GNS services

GNS services through smart phones, computers (desktops / laptop / tablet) in online shopping has become a public tide of new consumption patterns, consumers can not time and space constraints enjoy shopping, Cargo Wang will provide: more than a single merger, a single-speed transport and other logistics services, allow you purchased a “treasure” the cheapest, quickest and most flexible “GNS” approach sent to Hong Kong, both time and save costs, greatly improve your quality of life.

 1. Single speed transport

  • Shop single courier to the specified address HK shipping – the first one kilogram HKD40 (RMB30.00)
  • Cargo king single speed transport – the first one kilogram HKD20 (RMB18.00)

(With delivery of Commerce and Industry Region meter) greatly reduce shipping costs by up to 50 – 60%

  1. More than a single consolidation

The customers in the domestic different shopping platform commercially available “good heart” to the king GNS Cargo warehouse located in Shenzhen, transported by the person collecting pieces and packaged, with the merger (set) form to send to Hong Kong or the designated shipping address from the mentioned point, save by the shop alone shipped to the buyer to send delivery costs.

Taobao Dangdang GNS
 Untitled  2 Untitled + 2 The combined weight: 1.9 kg
Suppose buy clothes a 0.7 kg Shipping: RMB30.00 Suppose buy a book 1.2 kg Shipping: RMB45.00 1) RMB15.00 (first 1 kg) + RMB4.50 (Continued 1 kg) = RMB19.50 (delivery specified address – Business Park) Jin compact fluorescent RMB55.50 2) RMB12.00 (first 1 kg) + RMB3.50 (Continued 1 kg) = RMB15.50 (Tsuen Wan warehouse from mentioning) King of saving RMB59.50
Total freight delivery address specified: RMB75.00