G member

A) Members’ Corner

G has immediately become one, exclusive “Cargo King” will bring you surprise and promotions, now just to e-mail address and phone number, will be able to register.

– Cargo Claim

– Cargo Cargo

– Immediate payment

– Forwarding details

B) G Dollars Reward Program

The new people have registered as G

G gives you 200 credits

How to get G coins

G has been registered as a person gives you a 200 G coins, can be used to offset shipping costs, you must provide a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number at the time of registration, only to receive this offer.
Use Cargo services, each consumer can get the equivalent of G coins, HKD1 or RMB1, available 1G currency, as it seems and so …
G coins use

50 G credits equal to HK $ 1 or RMB1, to 250 G coins for the lowest exchange units, namely 250 G coins as a starting point, more than some integer / multiple exchange 50, for example: 250 G coins = HK $ 5, 300 a G coins = HK $ 6, and so on ……, all G coins only deductible set shipping available. Exchange upper limit is 1000 G coins.

Validity of G coins

You get G coins can be cumulative, but please note that the effective date of G coins. We will recalculate since January 1 each year, arriving on December 31 after use, effective use of G coins will not expire automatically void.

Such as: After 1 January 2015 or the date of the effective G unused credits will expire automatically after 31 December 2015.

(G coins reward program was started in March 19, 2015)

Terms and Conditions

G coins can not merge different accounts use;
All G coins can not be exchanged for cash or for resale;
G coins can not be used in conjunction with other promotions;
Introduce a friend who has been registered as G-enjoy activities 100 G coins to October 7, 2015 End;
In case of any dispute, GNS Cargo king the final decision.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected] inquiry

Contact G
Customer Service Hotline: to be supplied

Office Hours: Monday to Friday – ten o’clock to 2 pm

And 3 pm to 7 pm

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

[email protected]

* Black Rainstorm Warning Storm Signal No. 8 or above and provide services without