SF Service Notice

SF delivery service

Received a temporary notice from SF, and adjusted the delivery fee from now on. Since the fee is a large adjustment, the SF delivery service will be suspended until the new fee is negotiated. The arrangements are as follows.
Final Consolidation Date : (03/09/2019), 16:30:00 deadline
**The shipping package that has been selected by SF has not been affected. We apologize for any inconvenience!!


SF Locker 

Due to the cancellation of the large cabinet arrangement by the SF Locker, some of the customer shipments could not be put into the cabinet due to the large volume after the merger, which affected the overall arrangement and the customer’s receipt time.
In order to provide more efficient container transportation services, the weight limit of the intelligent cabinet will be reduced from the original 10 pieces; the total weight is less than 6kg, and the total weight is 6 pieces; the total weight is less than 4kg.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused!