1. How does consolidation save you money?

Compared to direct courier, “consolidation” is a third-party logistics service that combines the goods purchased from different sellers/shops to the mainland terminal and then merges them into a single shipment for delivery to Hong Kong. After the customer purchases the product in the domestic online mall, the product is sent to the receiving warehouse of the shipping company, and then the shipping company packs multiple pieces or one piece of goods to the same destination according to the customer’s requirements, weighs and calculates them, and then sent to the designated destination at one time.

2.What is consolidation, what are the benefits of choosing a consolidation service?

After shopping at different websites, we will send it to our domestic transfer station, and then the goods will be collected once and delivered to Hong Kong. This is the consolidation. Customers can send the goods bought by different stores or shopping platforms to our domestic transfer station first, and then combine the goods to Hong Kong as needed, greatly reducing the freight for independent shipping, Group N Ship Limited provides an automated operating system, simple Easy to use, let customers enjoy the fun of online shopping.

3.How to use the transit station to consolidate the purchased goods to Hong Kong?

Customers must register as a member before sending the goods to the address of a domestic transfer station. After the seller sends the shipment, the member can log in to the GNS website and enter the courier company and waybill number of the goods to claim the goods. When the shipment arrives in the warehouse, the system will immediately send an email to notify the customer, so that the customer’s goods can be collected at any time You can log in to the system at any time to check the status of the goods and arrange the consolidation at will. After the consolidation, a consolidation number will be displayed for customers to check

4.How to set the delivery address of the domestic transfer station on Taobao (Or another Shopping platform)?

First, log in to your GNS account, go to “Transfer “, keep this page,
Then open Taobao and log in to your account, then move the mouse to your account name
1. Click “”賬號管理””
2. Press “”收貨地址””
3. Copy the information in “Transfer” in the GNS account into the grid according to Taobao requirements,
Finally check “”設置為默認收貨地址””
Finally press “”保存”””
***In order to maintain a balance in the use of domestic transit stations, customers should press the transit station address displayed in the login account as the default delivery address, please do not change it yourself.

5.How do I know the waybill number of the goods and the name of the courier company?

After the seller ships the goods, you can click the “物流訊息” to find the relevant waybill number and the name of the courier company, so that the customer can track the goods or query related procedures.

6.How many items can be combined in the consolidation service?

Except for SF Locker, there is no limit on the number of consolidated shipments.

7.How is the volumetric weight calculated?

If it is a relatively light and bulky cargo, it will charges by volume.
The specific volume calculation method is volume weight = length X width X height/6000 (unit cm)
That is to say, the express company charges the larger of the actual weight and the volume weight. Before purchasing the goods, please consult the seller about the package size, and check with the customer service about the restrictions before purchasing. So as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

8.The size or weight of the parcel exceeds the self-pickup point limit. Is there still a way to consolidate it?

Yes, please contact the customer service, we need to check the person in charge of the pick-up point, and make other arrangements.
**Due to the limited space of the pick-up point, the size of the parcel exceeding the limit of the pick-up point must be picked up within the time limit, otherwise it may be discarded.

9.There are no other charges for the delivery of goods at the transfer station. Does it include the freight from domestic sellers to this transfer station?

No warehousing fee will be charged. The postage sent by the seller should be negotiated between the customer and the seller. We will not pay any fees(ie.COD).

10.Can it be sent by surface mail, freight collect or logistics to the transfer station in the Kingdom of Consolidation?

We do not sign for surface mail, no waybill number, no tracking certificate or freight collect, and we will not pick up the goods from other logistics companies.

11.Can only the waybill number be used to claim the goods, if the seller provides the wrong waybill number, how to deal with it?

The transfer station can only claim the goods with the waybill number. It is impossible to carry out the goods or sign for the goods without the waybill number. The customer is responsible for contacting the seller to obtain the correct waybill number for claiming.

12.If the seller only provides one waybill number to the customer, but there are actually two or more goods, how to deal with it?

If the seller only provides one waybill number, but there are actually two or more goods (for example: large furniture/assemble goods), so that the customer cannot claim all of them. To protect the interests of customers, Group N Ship Limited only counts the goods claimed by the customer arrange the consolidation, if the missing parts are caused by this, customer must contact the seller to add other waybill numbers so that the customer can arrange the consolidation after claiming it. If the we receives unclaimed goods from the customer, the system will show a group of incomplete waybill numbers to remind the customer, and the customer can also judge whether the seller has separated two or more waybill numbers.

13.If the customer purchases two or more goods, the seller only provides the customer with one waybill number, how to deal with it?

The seller only provides one waybill number to the customer, but in fact the seller separates the customer’s goods into two or more waybill numbers to send out, resulting in the customer’s failure to claim other goods. The customer is responsible for contacting the seller to obtain other correct waybill numbers for claiming. If we receives unclaimed goods from the customer, the system will show a group of incomplete waybill numbers to remind the customer, and the customer can also judge whether the seller has separated two or more waybill numbers.

14.What should I do if I find that the goods have been claimed by other customers when entering the waybill number?

A: There are two most common situations:
1. If there are many shopping platforms, Pinduoduo / Taobao sellers will provide a link for customers to enter the “recipient phone number” as the waybill number for inquiries, because the transit warehouse receiving phone number: 18719065448 is used uniformly, if different Customers shopping in the same online store may cause more than one customer to obtain the same waybill number.
2. The seller directly provides the same waybill number to two or more guests. If the former claims the goods first, the latter will not be able to claim it.
In the above two cases, the customer needs to contact the seller to deal with it. We cannot separate the owner of the goods, and will only determine the time of the customer’s claim.

15.After online shopping, how long does it take to use the GNS system to claim the goods?

The customer only needs to obtain the waybill number issued by the seller and log in to GNS system at any time. Even if the shipment has not arrived at the transfer station, customer can claim it first. After the shipment arrives, the transfer station will immediately proceed for the shipment for matching, the transfer station will update the product information to the system within 8-12hours of office hours. In case of peak seasons or special holidays, the update time may be delayed.

16.What is the cut-off time for domestic shipments?

Monday to Friday/Sunday 20:00:00 p.m. order cut-off.
No consolidation on Saturdays and the day before public holidays.
**The cut-off time for large shopping festivals (such as Double Eleven/Double Twelve) and domestic statutory holidays is subject to the actual situation at that time, please refer to the announcement at that time.

17.How many days will it be delivered to Hong Kong?

1-2 working days for self-pickup point
Delivery 1-3 working days
**Except for customs inspections and some remote areas
**Except for non-delivery on the eve of the holiday
**The arrival time of large shopping festivals (such as Double 11/Double 12) and domestic statutory holidays is subject to the actual situation at that time, please refer to the announcement at that time.
**Group N Ship Limited will not be responsible for any delays/losses/damages caused by customs inspections/large shopping festivals (such as Double 11/Double 12)/domestic statutory holidays/or some force majeure situations Compensation/Liability.

18.Will the goods be delivered upstairs?

Whether or not the goods can be delivered depends on the delivery address and the actual situation of the goods. The delivery staff will try to cooperate with the customer’s requirements. However, for where the recipient’s address does not have an elevator, or where the elevator is not reachable, or where the elevator is located on the first floor, moving upstairs will incur transportation fees and restrictions:
**Customers are obliged to explain before delivery or contact customer service to explain that the delivery address needs to move the goods to the stairs service. For detailed instructions, please go to [Delivery Service Charges]>[Stairway Fees Charge Arrangement]

19.What goods are prohibited items that are strictly prohibited for carriage?

**Domestic and Hong Kong Customs will update the list of prohibited items from time to time. We may not be able to publish the latest information in time. If customers have any questions about the purchased items, please check with the customer service.
1. All powders, liquids and optical discs;
2. High-value or large amounts of electronic supplies;
3. Drugs or drug-related equipment;
4. Control props, electric shock sticks, simulation toy guns, etc.;
5. Animals and plants, seeds, animal skins and their products, medicinal materials, specimens, etc.;
6. Articles that infringe trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property rights, regency propaganda, or obstruct the weathering;
7. Inflammable, perishable or toxic, explosive, lethal, corrosive and radioactive dangerous goods;
8. Fragile items (if the items sent by guests are fragile, once damaged, the company will not make compensation);
9. Currency, value-added tax invoices, other tax receipts, correspondence or securities, gold and silver treasures, antiques, calligraphy and painting, precious metals;
10. Goods with foreign trade orders, international brands or non-genuine/imitation brand goods. (For non-genuine or imitation goods sent by customers, the company will not make compensation regardless of whether the goods are sent or not);
11. Subject to import control by Hong Kong Customs and prohibited items by foreign customs, such as: food (fresh and live, frozen, refrigerated, preserved), medicines, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes, etc.
12. Goods that do not comply with the “Hong Kong Law”, “Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other administrative regulations, departmental rules and national mandatory standards;

20.Can the customer return the goods that have been signed by the transfer station to the seller? Can the submitted order be cancelled or arranged for a refund?

If the goods have not been consolidated for export, customers can contact our customer service to arrange return, and each item will be charged HKD12 as an administrative fee. However, the customer shall bear the shipping cost returned to the seller. As for the goods that have completed the consolidation process and paid, they cannot be cancelled or refunded.(For example, there are 10 pieces in the same waybill number, that is, HKD12x10 pieces = HKD120.0)

21.What is the effective storage period of transfer stations and Hong Kong self-pickup points?

Attention to the storage arrangement of GNS transfer station: Customers must log in to www.groupnship.com to claim and ship the goods within 90 days from the day when the goods are sent to the transfer station; otherwise, the 91st From the beginning of the day to 100 days, HK$10 per item per day will be charged as a storage fee; on the 101st day, it will be regarded as a discarded item. We will clear the storage records and handle by itself without any notice or compensation.
Self-pickup points/pickup centers have individual free storage periods. If the time expires, they may be returned to the logistics center (Yuen Long-kung um Road). Each order will be charged a HKD50 transfer fee and a HKD20 storage fee per working day. Or discard the item.

22.Will it be unpacked and inspected??

The transfer station does not provide inspection services on behalf of customers, but we will randomly check the items entrusted to be shipped. If the items are found to not meet the requirements of the “carriage contract terms”, we will refuse to carry them.

23.The goods have been detained by the customs for investigation. How many days will it take to pick up the goods, can I apply for compensation for this?

. Hong Kong/Domestic Customs does not specify the time required for detention of goods;
. Group N Ship Limited will not be responsible for any compensation/liability for delays/losses/damages caused during the customs detention of the goods.

24.What time does the domestic transfer station receive the goods?

Monday to Sunday, 09:00-18:00 (domestic statutory holiday arrangements, please refer to the announcement on the website)

25.Why does the shopping website show that the goods has been signed by transfer station, but it is still not available for Consolidation / GNS system shows that it has not been received?

A. Although the shipment has been signed, it has not yet undergone warehousing procedures (ie: weighing and measuring dimensions). The warehousing time generally takes 4-8 hours (in case of large shopping festivals*Double 11/Double 12 and domestic legal holidays , Shipment warehousing time will be extended, please pay attention to the announcement on the website for details)
————————————————– –
B. Customer can pay attention to the time of receipt in the shopping website. Since the receipt procedure of the express company does not need to be confirmed by us, there will be some “false receipts”. The receipt time of domestic transit stations is only 09:00-18: 00, under normal circumstances, the receipt after 18:00 is usually a fake receipt, and the express delivery will only be returned at noon the next day.
————————————————– –
C. Customers can pay attention to whether there is an “unclaimed” shipment in the account, and the number of the shipment is the same as the first and last numbers of the shipment waiting to enter the warehouse. If there is, the seller may give you the wrong waybill number or claim it. It is caused by incorrect input during shipment (note that there should be no spaces in the courier number)
————————————————– –
D. Some courier companies will issue another waybill number on their own without notifying the seller and the customer, and the customer needs to confirm it by themselves.
————————————————– –
E. The courier note may be damaged, and there may be deviations in the entry of the code scanner.
————————————————– –
F. The order number given to you by the seller is not sent to our warehouse or the seller fills in the wrong address.

26.Why does it take hours for warehousing? Can I request priority processing in case of urgent shipments?

No, because the courier sends all goods on the same day to the transfer station in one go. The quantity is counted in more than hundred pieces, and it is packaged in an anonymous nylon bag, so we has no way to know the customer’s goods inventory in which nylon bag. Unless the seller sends it directly to the transfer station or your shipment is oversized, and the express is delivered in an independent form, it may be processed first.

27.Will I be notified when the goods arrive at the pick-up point?

All information of the consolidated cargo during the period from the domestic transfer station to Hong Kong can be viewed on the webpage of GNS system; When the goods arrive at the pick-up point designated by the customer, the system will automatically send a pick-up notification via the push notification of the GNS mobile application (APP) and via email registered by the customer. ***(Start from 11/10/2021, SMS will no longer be used as delivery notification, and will always be sent by push notification or email. *Except for Cai Niao Station and other individual pick-up points
**If there is a delay or failure to receive the delivery message due to mobile phone settings/network provider settings, the customer shall be responsible for the storage costs incurred due to overdue shipments.
**If the customer still cannot receive the delivery notice within two working days after the completion of the consolidation, please contact the customer service.
**Cai Niao station and other individual pick-up points (please refer to the detailed information of the pick-up points) will send delivery notifications to customers by SMS. If customers choose Cai Niao station and other individual pick-up points, customers will not receive any notice of delivery by GNS (Except special notices via SMS).

28.What should I do if I do not receive the SMS notice?

Because the SMS sent by the service provider will be blocked by some telecommunications providers, and a small number of them are mobile phone problems cannot receive the SMS. This is unavoidable by our company. Therefore, we strongly recommend that customers haven’t received the SMS notification within two working days, the customer should check the email (or spam) 12 hours after the consolidation, or log in to the account, click the order number on the shipment information page to check the logistics status of the shipment .
If the SMS is delayed/not received, the customer shall be responsible for the storage costs incurred when the shipment is overdue.
**The arrival time of large shopping festivals (such as Double Eleven/Double Twelve) and domestic statutory holidays is subject to the actual situation at the time, please refer to the announcement at that time.
***(Start from 11/10/2021, SMS will no longer be used as notification, and will always be sent by push notification and email. *Except for Cai Niao Station and other individual pick-up points).

29.Why does the shipment show that it arrived in Hong Kong, but it still cannot be picked up on the same day?

Because it takes time to process and distribute the shipment after it arrives at the port, it sometimes takes noon to depart to the pick-up point. However, the pick-up point in some areas will not sign for the shipment that arrives on the same day due to business hours or inventory space. It cannot be delivered. The pick-up point will generally be arranged the next working day or no more than 3 working days.
**The arrival time of large shopping festivals (such as Double Eleven/Double Twelve) and domestic statutory holidays is subject to the actual situation at the time, please refer to the announcement at that time.

30.What is the weight calculation criterion?

For all goods, we will compare the actual weight with the volume weight, and calculate the shipping cost based on the heavier of the two.
Note: Volume weight is a calculation method that reflects the density of the package.
Volume weight (kg) = length (L) (cm) X width (W) (cm) X height (H) (cm) / 6000
Except in the following cases:
The actual weight of the goods is packed in plastic bags below 2kg, and the actual weight is charged.

31.How to pay for freight?

When the customer submits the consolidation on the website, the system will automatically calculate the freight, and the customer can use the following methods to pay
Octopus: Billed in Hong Kong dollars (no service charge required, system will automatically review)
UnionPay: Billed in Hong Kong dollars (no service fee required, system will automatically review)
Alipay HK: Billed in Hong Kong dollars (no service fee required, system automatically audited)
PAYPAL: Billed in Hong Kong dollars (3% service fee and HKD2.5 fixed administrative fee*minimum HKD3.0, automatically checked by the system)
Cash on delivery: billed in Hong Kong dollars (only applicable to some self-pickup points, not applicable to delivery services)
Bank transfer: calculated in Hong Kong dollars (HSBC, manual review)
Domestic Alipay: Billed in Hong Kong dollars (no service fee required, system automatically audited, RMB exchange rate provided by Alipay)
VISA/MASTER (3.1% service charge, automatic review by the system)
*For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions*

32.Can the shipping fee be paid in Hong Kong?

The designated pick-up center can provide cash on delivery service (for details, please refer to the fee overview)

33.Problems that may occur during payment?

A. Why can’t choose “COD”
Answer: Because not all pick-up points provide collect service, please confirm in advance before deciding to consolidate.
B. Why does an “error” appear when making a payment or unable to jump to the payment interface (reference picture)
Answer: If the payment method you choose is “Octopus”, “UnionPay”, “Alipay”, “Visa/Master” or “Alipay HK”, due to the supplier’s security procedures, each consolidation order can only be submitted once, if You originally chose one of the above, but in the end you want to change to another payment method, you must go to “Pay Now” to cancel the consolidation order, then reconsolidate, and obtain a new consolidation order before you can proceed with the above payment method.
C. What is the difference between “Alipay HK” and “Alipay”?
Answer: “Alipay HK” is a payment tool settled in Hong Kong dollars, which will not change due to the exchange rate of RMB, and it does not include handling fees. “Alipay” is a payment tool settled in Hong Kong dollars. The RMB exchange rate is provided by Alipay, and is only suitable for real-name verified “Domestic Alipay” accounts.
D. Why I have paid online and submitted the information immediately, but the payment still shows that it is being approved?
Answer: Because payment is made by online transfer or ATM transfer, the submitted information needs to be manually reviewed, so it usually takes a long time (office time: 1-3 hours; non-office time: 2-5 hours).

34.Can a consolidated shipment order that has been paid for be cancelled?

Answer 1: If the payment method is “Octopus”, “UnionPay”, “Alipay HK” “AlipayCN”,”Visa/Master” or “PAYPAL”, because the order is automatically generated by a system, even if the staff does not process your order after successful payment, the order cannot be cancelled, such as Customers still choose to cancel by themselves, and the consolidated goods may be delayed in arrival time.
Answer 2: If the payment method is “COD”or “Bank Transfer”, the customer can cancel the order before the staff processes the order (ie. the trash icon button is still there), if the staff has already started processing (ie the trash icon is not available) Cancellation is not possible, and the customer must notify the customer service staff during office hours on the same day.

35.What should I do if I forget to print the receipt after transferring the freight with HSBC ATM?

Please be sure to contact the customer service as soon as possible to explain the amount of your transfer and the exact time. We may needs to search and verify according to the information you provide, The process may take a long time, and your consolidated shipment will be delayed as a result.

36.How can I get Goins?

1. Registering as a G member will give you 200 Goins, which can be used to deduct shipping costs. You must provide a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number when registering to receive this offer.
2. Using the consolidation service, you can get the equivalent of Goins, HKD1, and 1Goins for every consumption, like analogy…
3. For each consolidation, when the shipment leaves the domestic transfer station, Goins will be sent out.
4. Consolidation within the birthday month, you can get double Goins each time.
**You must set your birth date in the account information (no modification after confirmation) in order to get 2 times G coins within the birthday month;
**Consolidation and payment must be completed within the birthday month to obtain 2 times G coins.

37.What is the purpose of Goins? How to use Goins?

50 Goins is equivalent to HK$1, with 250 G coins as the minimum exchange unit, which can be used to deduct shipping costs. When you have enough Goins. The payment interface will display the deductible Goins, just enter the Goins to be deducted. However, it is not possible to use G coins to pay the full freight, and need to pay at least HKD1.

38.Is there a deadline for Goins?

From January 1, 2020, all Goins will be extended to December 31, 2029.
**For details, please refer to https://www.groupnship.com.hk/goinrewards/ or log in to “My Goins” to view

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