TW-Allway Gdn

Take Point:紅葉書報社
district: NT
address: 9C, G/F, Allway Gardan Shopping Arcade, Tseun King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, NT
Open time: Monday to Saturday : 08:00-19:00
Sunday : 08:00-17:00
Public holidays will be notified in advance

**28/11(六): 08:00-17:30

Contact: 55975274
first kg: HKD10
second kg:HKD6
Free warehouse: 3 days (not including the arrival date)
Overdue HKD10 deposit for each working day
paid: yes(cash)
limit(kg): Single piece 30kg or less (total weight within 100kg);
single length of 180cm or less
remarks: 20KG or above, need to pick up on the day of arrival,Otherwise, each working day charge HK$10 storage fee.
map: map link