Consolidation Arrangements for TaoBao’ Double Eleven Shopping Festival

A.) 4/11(Friday)-30/11(wed) period will not provide goods rejection service (*If you need to reject the goods, please contact the store by yourself and only reject the goods with damaged packaging).

B.) 4/11 (Friday)-28/11 (Monday) is the peak period of consolidation. In order to ensure that there is enough time to process the customer’s consolidated shipments, the order cut-off time is not specified during the period, and the order cut-off time is based on the truck can withstand allow.

C.) During the peak period of consolidation, the arrival of the cargo and the arrival of the warehouse may be delayed due to this. If the customer has urgent items, please make arrangements for the delayed arrival of the consolidation in advance.

D.) Due to the high volume of arrivals on Double Eleven, in order to ensure that there is enough storage space at the pick-up point, each pick-up point will set a daily ticket limit, and recalculation starts at 20:00.

E.) All cooperative self-pickup points during Double Eleven will shorten the free storage period (especially heavy/oversized items) as required by the situation. Please pick up the items as soon as possible after receiving the delivery notice. In addition, business hours will be increased/extended according to the volume of goods (refer to the link at the bottom of the picture).

F.) The shipment is counted after the express arrives. It depends on the actual arrival time of the express company and the size of the shipment. It takes 8-24 hours to arrange the warehousing procedure for warehousing and putting on the shelves (small shipments may take longer to enter the warehouse), please wait patiently. (*Does not apply to the time of early false receipt of express delivery)

G.) All goods that have been placed in the warehouse but have not been claimed (e.g. due to customer typo/seller-provided wrong shipping number/seller splits the shipment, etc.) Please consult the seller on your own to obtain the correct shipment number. During this period, During this period, only limited inquiry services are provided.

H.) If you have questions about the weight and size of the goods, you need to re-check the weight and size of the goods, and you need at least one working day to arrange. (Please make sure to check with the seller in advance for the actual packaging size of the goods).

I.) Once the customer’s consolidation process has been confirmed by the system, no modification will be provided. For consolidated shipments that have arrived in Hong Kong, the pick-up point arrangement will not be changed. If the consolidated shipment is not complete or the packaging process cannot be completed, the shipment will be arranged for the next day, or part of the shipment will be arranged, and then the shipment will be supplemented later.

i) In order to ensure that the self-pickup point during the Double 11 and Double 12 shopping festivals can more smoothly digest the goods, and to ensure that customers can pick up the goods at the self-pickup point as soon as possible, we will use various available notification methods. End of Dec (tentative). Due to the delays in the setting and sending of SMS by various network service providers, we cannot guarantee whether the time when the customer receives the notification can be synchronized with the time sent by the system, so the SMS delivery notification is only an Additional function and proofs.
ii) The delivery notification will always be based on the time of push notification or email (EMAIL) sent by the “GNS Mobile App.
The push notifications of the “GNS Mobile App” will only be sent to the customer’s recently logged-in device. Even if the customer has logged out, or the customer has two or more devices at the same time, the system will only record the customer’s most recently logged-in device.
iii) Group N Ship Ltd.(GNS) will not make any compensation for the shipment due to customs inspection/detention/rejection from the pick-up point/delay due to traffic problems or any force majeure.

In case of any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.